CyberSight FAQ

Frequently asked questions about CyberSight data

  1. How is Active Time Captured?
    1. Active time is the period your computer tracks when you're actively using it. It includes activities like clicking, scrolling, or having the main window in view with some level of interaction. If you don't interact with your computer for over 30 seconds, it switches to "Idle," except when it comes to Streaming.

      If you're not actively interacting with your computer but Streaming is active, for example, during a Zoom meeting or while watching a video, it's still counted as active time. Your computer assumes you're focusing on that task, even if you're not actively clicking or scrolling.
  2. How is Streaming Time Captured?
    1. Streaming is when a certain app on your device, like Zoom, uses your camera, microphone, and audio. It can run in the background even if you're doing other things. We track the app that started it and how long it was active. 

      For example, if you spend 4 hours in Zoom meetings, it might only show 1 hour as "active time" in Zoom, but Zoom was using your camera, microphone, and audio for the full 4 hours, even if you were multitasking during the other 3 hours.