Agent Deployment via RMM

If we don't currently have a script for your RMM, you can use the following as a template:

 ***Note*** This is a PowerShell script. You will likely have to tailor the script to work with how your RMM inserts environment variables (such as deployment token, install password, etc.).

Important Information:

- The Windows Agent can be installed on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10, & Windows 11

- To ensure complete functionality of the agent, Port 7789 must be allowed outbound in your firewall if you have an outbound filtering policy.

- Keep quotes around the deployment token

- This script automatically downloads the latest version of the agent so there's no need to upload any files.

Link to GitHub Repository for the script


Zorus Install PowerShell Script


The variables are as follows:

$Token -> $env:Token

This refers to the deployment token you see when creating a customer. If you no longer have this value you can generate a new one by navigating to the Customer and editing the group you wish this endpoint to belong to. Once the group edit modal opens click Create Token and use the value that is generated.

If you would like to change the installation options you can change these variables:

$Password -> The agent allows you to require a password to uninstall it. If you wish to utilize this feature set this variable to your desired password. Only use this feature if you have a secure way to store/remember the desired password.


  • Hides the tray icon for the agent.


  • Hides the program from add/remove programs.

For reference:

1 = yes

0 = no


The Archon Agent Removal Tool also has a silent option: ZorusAgentRemovalTool.exe --silent