Report History Walkthrough

Explore past insights with a walkthrough of the Report History feature

Review and redownload recently executed or scheduled reports, including ability to view configurations and recipients.

Note: Reports are stored and can be redownloaded for 7 days before requiring a new run.

  • Global Controls
    • Search - globally search any text in the History Grid
    • Export to CSV - export the Report History grid to CSV 
    • Refresh - update the History grid to review available, processing and error reports
  • History Grid
    • Report Type - the Library template used for report
    • Report Name - the customized name of the report for email / title page
    • Customer - Customer the report is for
    • Date/Time - the date/time the report was sent
    • Status
      • Download Available - report is available for download / was emailed to the recipient list
      • Processing - report is in process of generating 
      • Error - the report was unsuccessful in processing and needs to be rerun
  • Grid Actions
    • Download - re-download the report
    • View Configuration - view the settings that the report was configured for at time of execution