Threat Intel Miscategorizations

Zorus procures threat feeds from several sources to establish a multi-layered defense. Below, you'll find details on how website classifications are handled, based on the factors that flagged the target site for a potential block.

Security / Malicious Block

Scenario: A website is blocked because it has been compromised and/or malicious

When a website is blocked due to compromise or malicious activity, the time it takes to reclassify depends on the Threat Feeds responsible, typically occurring every 4-6 hours. Nightly rechecks cover all sources, swiftly blocking agents from accessing any flagged malicious domains.

If a domain was previously flagged but is now considered safe, access is reinstated after cache clearance or attempting in incognito mode. Agent caches hold Policy blocks for 8-12 hours, but manual actions like Policy Configuration changes result in instant clearance.

Check Current Classification

You can check the current classification of a website by using the URL Lookup tool

Report Miscategorizations to Zorus Support

If you need to dispute a website's malicious classification, log a support request at, and it will be reviewed within 24 hours.

Content Block

Scenario: A website is blocked based on the Content Category, but the category is incorrect.

Example: Dining website is flagged as Alcohol and user is blocked

Report Miscategorizations from the Zorus Portal
  1. Utilize the "Report Miscategorization" option found in the Traffic Logs grid for your Customer on the Zorus Portal.
  2. Turnaround Time: Miscategorizations undergo monthly reviews and are submitted to threat feeds based on validity. Human review is essential to prevent spam and false reports.
Report Miscategorizations to Zorus Support
  1. For expedited handling or urgent cases, submit requests directly to, including the website, reported category, and suggested category.
  2. Turnaround Time: Miscategorizations submitted through support will be reviewed within 3 business days.