Zorus CyberSight™️

Empowering Your Security Journey with Zorus CyberSight

Zorus CyberSight is a powerful tool for gaining insights into user behavior and enhancing your cybersecurity efforts. With CyberSight, you can track top websites, detect anomalies in user activity, and confront social engineering and insider threats by providing crucial insights into user context. This feature empowers you to make more informed security decisions, optimize incident response, improve SaaS app management, and detect Shadow IT activities. Embrace the future of cybersecurity with Zorus CyberSight and take your security measures to the next level.

CyberSight Walkthrough

Welcome to Zorus CyberSight! This invaluable tool elevates your user activity analysis to new heights, offering deeper insights and enhanced understanding. To begin, we invite you to dive into our step-by-step walkthrough guide here. This comprehensive resource will lead you through the process of enabling the feature, accessing insightful reports, and unlocking the full potential of your security analytics.

CyberSight Reports

Explore a range of reports designed to deepen your understanding of user activity, bolster security, optimize resource allocation, and enhance incident response. Our three key reports—Activity Overview, Endpoint Weekly Activity, and Endpoint Activity Logs—each provide unique insights into your digital landscape. 

  • Customer Activity Overview offers a comprehensive view of user behavior, time allocation, SaaS app usage, shadow IT detection, and license utilization, making it an essential resource for customer interactions and operational optimization. This feature improves executive reporting and enriches the quality of Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) by providing insights into resource allocation and utilization.
  • Endpoint Weekly Activity offers in-depth insights into an endpoint's weekly usage of applications and URLs, including time spent. You can filter activity by day, download the report as a PDF, and use this data to enhance security by identifying anomalies and resource trends, ultimately improving threat mitigation
  • Endpoint Activity Logs analyzes user activity with second-by-second precision is essential for swift incident response. Our comprehensive report delves into user behavior, offering insights into user and full URL context, facilitating the rapid detection and containment of insider threats, significantly improving response times

Activating the Browser Extension for Full URL Context

Elevate the power of CyberSight with our Browser Extension, giving you a complete view of user activity through full URL context. To get started, explore our step-by-step guide here


Discover concise answers to your questions in our FAQ section – your go-to resource for quick and clear information on a CyberSight Data. 

***Note*** CyberSight is an Agent solution designed for various cybersecurity purposes, but it does not apply to Network Filtering. Please be aware that macOS and Safari are not supported by CyberSight at this time.