Report Manager QuickStart

Navigating the Library, Scheduler, and History in Report Manager QuickStart

Explore our centralized reporting center user guide to effortlessly access insightful reports, empowering your customers to understand your services better.

Navigating Reporting Manager

To access and navigate through Reporting, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Select the "Report Manager" tab in the Zorus Portal menu

Step 2. Report Manager will then load with 3 tabs for Library, Scheduler and History

Screenshot 2024-01-16 094804

Report Library

Explore a centralized repository of Zorus Reporting options for scheduling, including PDF and CSV Exports. Preview sample data before generating reports, ensuring a seamless process for accessing valuable insights. Enjoy one-stop access to various report types for convenient and proactive client advice

Walkthrough the Report Library here

Report Scheduler

Effortlessly schedule and automate report distribution to ensure timely communication of important insights to customers. Schedule reports for different periods, customers, and data sets, streamlining your workflow for effective information delivery. 

Gain comprehensive visibility through full administrative control, empowering Full Administrative users to effortlessly manage and edit reports across the system, regardless of the initiator or owner.

Walkthrough the Report Scheduler here

Report History

Review and redownload recently executed or scheduled reports, including ability to view configurations and recipients.

Note: Reports are stored and can be redownloaded for 7 days before requiring a new run.

Walkthrough Report History here